Terms and Conditions

This contract is entered into and governed by the State of California, County of Los Angeles. The terms and conditions listed below apply to all scheduled assignments and deemed acceptable upon receipt of confirmation and the rendering of services. Assignments will be considered confirmed if no contact is made on the day of confirmation. We will confirm this assignment via telephone the business day prior to the scheduled date.

BUSINESS HOURS: (Office hours) 8:30-5:30 (Service hours)*9am-*5pm Open Weekends for scheduled services.

CONFERENCE ROOM: Conference rooms are available for rent. They are complimentary with the use of our court reporting services (videographers, court reporters, interpreters and Zoom meetings).

TIME STAMPING: All transcripts are formatted with time stamping along the right margin unless requested otherwise by client.

RETAINER: A retainer (deposit) is required on all jobs unless other arrangements are made prior to date of service.

INTERPRETER & VIDEOGRAPHER: Full interpreter fee will apply if not cancelled 24 hours before time scheduled to begin.

CANCELLATION: A fee of $500 may apply to all assignments cancelled after 4:00pm PST the day before the scheduled date. A fee of $600 will apply to assignments cancelled the day of the assignment.

LAST MINUTE: A $100 fee will apply to same-day assignment scheduling plus applicable service fees.

PER DIEM: Apply to assignments on holidays, weekends, court hearings, meetings, arbitrations, public speeches, depositions, interpreter depositions lasting longer than 6 hours and jobs scheduled for a whole day but lasting less than three hours.

WAITING TIME: Charges are applied at an hourly rate for any waiting time after scheduled start time. This includes after lunch.

*PREMIUM TIME: An hourly rate for premium time will apply to assignments scheduled before and after regular business service hours.

NEW CLIENTS- A deposit is required for all jobs (SEE RETAINER). Amount for full-day is $. We want payment in full before deposition goes forward. Jonnell Agnew & Associates will refund any average.

PAYMENT OPTIONS: Any credit card, check, direct deposit or cash. Fees are included in credit card payments.

PAYMENT TERMS: DUE UPON RECEIPT. The firm scheduling the services is the contracting firm responsible for complete payment of services rendered, not your client. If another person is to pay, then Jonnell Agnew & Associates must be notified at the initial scheduling of service. A late fee of $150.00 will apply 60 days after the invoice date to any unpaid balance and each month thereafter. $150.00 late fee will be applied to all unpaid invoices over 60 days from the date of invoice. Payment arrangements are available. Please contact our office.

PAST DUE ACCOUNTS: Legal action will be initiated for non-payment of any and all original invoices and accumulated interest, any and all court costs and/or attorney’s fees incurred, and late fees.

MODIFICATIONS: In order to modify any of these terms and conditions a request must be made in writing to Jonnell Agnew & Associates prior to the confirmation of the assignment. Special rates must be agreed to prior to job scheduling.

Work product by Jonnell Agnew & Associates is NOT for resale.


Fees and Terms are subject to change without notice. Please be sure to inquire.