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Need a reporter for court or trial? We have dependable reporters available for Los Angeles Superior Courts.

Need a conference room for your group? We have full-service rooms for any occasion, plus we rent them by the hour for meetings, etc. We have a dedicated office for rent by the hour for Zoom meetings or, for example, client meetings. Since a lot of people work from home, these hourly rentals can get you out of the house if the neighbors or your gardener shows up when you need peace and quiet for a Zoom meeting.

Now Offering Remote Depositions

Jannell Agnew Court Reporting Logo As you are aware, remote depositions have allowed the civil legal community to continue the discovery process during COVID restrictions. This is a great tool to continue in the future. Think of the hours of extra time you will have not sitting in traffic. The continued use of remote depositions will also help to increase the pool of certified court reporters that can report your deposition. Just think, the reporter living in the Inland Empire can be assigned to a deposition in Santa Monica if the deposition is conducted remotely. How about the third-party witness’ deposition that is completed in 20 minutes? With the traffic in the greater Los Angeles area back to normal, why not avoid the traffic altogether. This would allow the reporters to perform their duties in an efficient manner.

We offer fast, accurate and reliable court reporting, legal videography and legal transcripts. We have conference room rentals for depositions, meetings and legal mediation services for Southern California. We specialize in expert witness testimony, personal injury, intellectual property, medical malpractice, toxic tort, environmental law and anything and everything else. Our main areas of business include Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley; however, we can assist you with court reporting services in all of Southern California including Orange County, San Bernardino County, Riverside County and San Diego. We are also happy to help you find court reporting services statewide, nationwide and worldwide. Please review our wide range of legal services.

Let’s Go Paperless

View and download transcripts, exhibits, and videos from our repository with YesLaw. Use any device to access all your files online 24/7. We also provide a link to the witness to view their original transcript online at their convenience as an alternative to coming to our office to review their transcript.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.

Testimonials about our Court Reporting

Jonnell Outside Office Building

Jonnell Outside Office Building

“Jonnell Agnew & Associates steps in and accomplishes – professionally and effectively – every deposition we have had. The same is true when we have needed a court reporter at a court hearing. Beyond delivering quality services, the staff is friendly, helpful, and ever-ready to make each process as smooth as possible.”

Katharine A. Miller
King, Cheng, Miller & Jin, LLP

“Our firm has been using Jonnell Agnew’s office for a few years because they have an amazing and professional staff that make the Deposing process run smooth. These ladies are very dependable and go above and beyond their duty even if you are springing a job on them last minute. We would definitely recommend Jonnell Agnew to any and all that need court reporter services and we give them 5 stars!”

Maria Salgado
Taylor Labor Law, PC

“Jonnell Agnew & Associates truly stands apart for its unparalleled customer service, technological capabilities and support, quality of court reporters, and turnaround time for transcripts. I have been exceedingly impressed by their staff, including their effortless transition to coordinating and conducting remote depositions.”

Jack D. Ross, Assistant United States Attorney, Central District of California

Read more testimonials here.

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