Court Reporters

The court reporters and videographers at Jonnell Agnew & Associates have been serving Los Angeles, Pasadena, Orange County and San Diego since 1981.

Our Court Reporters

Court Reporter: Jonnell Agnew

Jonnell Agnew
CSR# 5437
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Court Reporter: Aja Carmona

Aja Carmona
CSR# 13791
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Court Reporter: Brandi Wilson

Brandi Wilson
CSR# 13760
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Court Reporter: Brittany Perea

Brittany Perea
CSR# 14088
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Court Reporter: Candice Heslington

Candice Heslington
CSR# 13741
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Court Reporter: Michelle Young

Michelle Young
CSR# 13656
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Court Reporter: Molis Cardoza

Lauren Kelly
CSR# 14194
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Court Reporter: Jennifer Minch

Jennifer Minch
CSR# 14087
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Court Reporter: Jennifer Sebring

Jennifer Sebring
CSR# 13749
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Court Reporter: Kay Yeoman

Kay Yeoman
CSR# 13799
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Court Reporter: Kerry Murphy

Kerry Murphy
CSR# 13636
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Court Reporter: Melissa Garibay

Melissa Garibay
CSR# 12488
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Court Reporter: Teri Gonta

Teri Gonta
CSR# 10099
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Court Reporter: Marylynne Sandoval

Marylynne Sandoval
CSR# 12498
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Court Reporter: Christina M. Lopez

Christina M. Lopez
CSR# 13048
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Court Reporter: Amanda Hoffenberg

Amanda Hoffenberg
CSR# 13623
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Court Reporter: Christine Rybicki

Christine Rybicki
CSR# 13481
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Court Reporter: Molis Cardoza

Molis Cardoza
CSR# 13080
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Our Videographers

Videographer: Troy Johnson

Troy Johnson
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Videographer: Dan Reynolds

Dan Reynolds
CLVS, Notary
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